How To Startup Your YouTube Channel for beginners. Let's talk about what you need and how to start a vlog.

I am in a few YouTube support group that helps answer questions for the inquisitive minds looking to start their YouTube channel. There were many reasons for starting but most people ask the same questions. Where do I begin?

Where Do You Begin?

To be honest, YouTube is not rocket science. It's a platform to upload videos that is your content. To upload videos, you will need a camera. A smartphone comes in handy and there are many apps available to download for editing. The most important thing is to keep audience retention. You can upload anything that you want to but ask yourself these questions:

Is your video making YOU cringe?
Will you watch your videos?
How interesting is your topic? 
Do you sound genuine? 
Are you interesting?

You should always be your first and main critic when it comes to your project. If you enjoy watching yourself, then you know someone else will too. If you cannot stomach viewing your videos, then how will you ever edit your work and feel satisfied?

I enjoy making my videos and I enjoy editing it. By viewing my work and editing it myself, I would be able to find the flaw in my work and know what not to do in my next videos. I am always learning something new about myself and I love it.

Check out the video for tips on how to start your channel. Maybe something would click and give you some inspiration.



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