Before I reveal about various tools to use, let's talk about setting up your desktop computer with all the programs. I want to introduce you to my tile setup if you are using the Windows Operating system. The primary intention is to feel relaxed if you work from home. Just imagine walking into your facility. If you are missing something, you will kill an exceptional amount of time searching for it and you draw away from your regular task. You do not have the extra support to help run out to snag the items you lack, so being prepared in your workstation helps.

Office Works

This tileset comprises all the office supplies, such as emails, notebooks, and office software to correspond. I still put my career search apps in this tile because I introduce my day hunting for a remote position opportunity for employment. As a freelancer, I am not contracted with anybody and is an independent operator. I have to seek work all by myself. Included in this tile would be task reminders I have the notice set for.  This tile is the first place I visit once I power my workstation up.


With any position, you need to make certain you are keeping a record of your own special quirks and as a woman; You need to make certain you keep a record of your feminine issues. I notice I forget when I become focused. I guess since I am working, I would maintain a journal of these things to remind myself that I am human.


I should add this in the personal tile but I guess I will keep it separate because this is less of a habit tracking and more of a custom. As I move down the tiles to the next task, I will say, "Let's Have a rest and perform some workout routine while I am at the desk." I would just turn on these apps and follow along for thirty minutes or when I need to have a break if that makes any sense.

Entertainment and Social Media

Chrome uses an abundance of RAMs so when I am working, I would refer to apps compatible with my social network. This way, my performance does not slacken or slow down. I can also find my internet television, Spotify, and PC games in this tile for moments I need to take a break. I would view this tile as my living room. I don't have to travel long from work. Everything is at my fingertips.

Reading Material

This is my library. I have all my study materials listed here, including the Bible. If I require private time, I can stroll down to this tile and grab what I desire to read for evaluation afterward. I will include new apps here since reading materials is a requirement for my business.


This is my cork board that most people have floating in their office or kitchen right beside the refrigerator. This is where I keep publishing, copy, and calendar apps. Most people need not use these devices until they have accomplished their activity. Microsoft stores are also accessible in this tile along with three browsers that I run. Although I am in search of a better browser.

Editing Softwares

I have more editing program that I did not include in this tile because it requires a lot of memory to operate, so they are in my external storage drive. That's another subject that we will go over. If you are plotting on working from home, cloud services and external hard drive or storage capacities is a must have. I'll explain the storage that functions best for me.
In this tile field, you will discover all my editing programs and apps. Image and video editing apps.

There you have it! This is how I set up my laptop. Not only is this set up useful, it keeps me in a straight line. If I have too many things loaded with no purpose, I will forget why I went on the workstation from the start and my time will be off. I will never have finished task. I will never get works. I will just lie around and view television.
The Internet can be an excellent place or can generate an unhealthy atmosphere. It all depends on you. You manage your decisions if you want to accomplish in this field.



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