YouTube Thumbnails | How to Make One

In this video that I am introducing, I speak about Photopea, which is a free online version of Photoshop. A lot of my subscribers thanked me for introducing them to this tool but they still have issues using it because it is not user-friendly. 

I understand.

There is way too much tool listed in there for beginners that it can be confusing but if you are interested in learning about using Photopea to create thumbnails, click on the video below.


So the tool that I have been using because it takes little effort to create thumbnails with is Canva. I have been using Canva to create a lot of my social media thumbnails, arts, and book covers. With Canva, there are templates that you can use or you can alter the design to your liking. The service is free, which is good for many people who are looking for budget software for their channel or their blogs.

There is nothing different between the free account and the premium account besides more photo options. If you want to search up hi-resolution photos for your blogs, you can always check out Unsplash. (Make sure to credit the photographer because this is also a free site.)

I'll post another article on free tools that is fantastic and easy to download but until then, check out the video on how to use Photopea.



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