YouTube Thumbnails | Importance and Why it Matters. I was wondering how to get more views using custom thumbnails.

About seven months ago, I was informed having a thumbnail that matches your YouTube video makes a big difference when it comes to search results. I took that information and tested it out because after I found out I was demonetized back in December 2018, I wanted to challenge myself to grow my channel. I was too lazy to make it work before the demonetization process but now I felt the challenge requires a perfect acceptance on my behalf.

After I started focusing on thumbnails, I did see a major change. I was getting recommended and my videos were getting views. Now here are some things that I found out while testing this out.

Just like blogging, the thumbnail has to look good. It's like the cover of a book. Most people tend to view beautiful objects in front of them because we have a lot of visual learners these days.

The other thing is, just like your video tags before upload. Your thumbnail also has to be named properly to trigger the algorithm. In other words, you can change your meta tags anytime after but for some reason whatever you started your upload with, that will always stay in the system. This is why I always tell people to check and double-check your work before deciding to upload because the first upload has to be perfect.

Interested in my old videos about my thoughts on thumbnails? Check this video here. I will also be posting up a few free softwares that I use to create my thumbnail.



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