This question was steadily in the back of my mind whenever I was getting ready to put out my post. Is it stronger to have a blog that concentrates on a specific theme or a blog with variety, such as this one?

If you are blogging as a hobby, creating a blog that leans in all particular directions is attractive but if you are hoping to put ads on to your site to get ad revenue, multi-topic can spell failure. I was blogging before the algorithm was a phenomenon. Before the target and the behavioral advertisement was a concern. Now that they have enforced it, I have to play catch up with the time because my return was devastating. That would mean that I am not getting hit as frequent by spectators and readers. By adopting the policies and accepting them, it will make you a sharper business owner.

Yes. If you have a domain and you are hoping to generate capital from it. You are a business owner.

I have detached my niche into different sites. The cost to start is worth it in the long shot and is cheap. Owning a domain is the finest real estate for everybody working online. With my three domains, I paid $36 for one year, and if I post regularly, it will pay off before the year is over. There is a catch to the domains I purchase and here is the reason. Depending on the host I go with, they might regulate how you can become Adsense qualified. If you cannot wait to get paid, read below on your options.


Blogger has two choices for you to choose from, and both require your website to be older than six months before they approve it for Adsense revenue. You can sign up for a blog with Blogger for free or you can gain a domain for $12/year. The free blog will have a in your address while the paid domain will eliminate that. Just look at it as a watermark. 

If your site is operating with contents, it will qualify for Adsense and your blog will generate the payment through ad revenue. It is a wonderful lead if you are looking to start your site and your blog, but most affiliate market programs will deny you if you sign up. I have a few programs that will see pass it to support you in earning income before you become qualified with Adsense. I will classify them on the other page at


I have been using GoDaddy for a while and I prefer their business. I can gain a domain for 99 cents and have the choice to run their free website builder to set up my business or sign up for a Word press system for hosting.

With the Website Builder, there is no comment section, so this tool is excellent if you are planning on producing a landing page that involves a portfolio, contact info, and updates on your industry. This is not an appropriate tool for anybody hoping to blog because you will be muted. There is no community feel to this experience. As for Word press, you can change your theme to what you love, whether it is a business landing page or a blog. You have the option to facilitate comments and establish your community. 

Both choices are Adsense qualified, so you can set up your site with Adsense and start collecting ad revenue once you place your first article and plan your site.

More Tips and Tricks

So if you are excited for more tips and tricks on making your work from home experience useful, I have composed all the advice into a different site that will be in the link navigation. I am only separating my niche because I need to generate the ads for the correct content. 

Living in my Laptop - Daily blogging, LifeHack (not monetized)
Soul Stylez Creation - Entrepreneur, Tips and Tricks, Work from Home (monetized)
Filmsy Blog - Film and TV show reviews (monetized)

If I am considering a different topic to add to these websites, I will create a fresh domain, but until now, this is the update. Thanks for stopping in!



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