It is after midnight! Time for an update about how productive my day was. After fighting a sickness that could have been devastating, I took every single medication in my cabinet to combat whatever was making its way into my life. Go away cold and flu. There is no room for you.

Since I am feeling better, I am here to write.

Web designing and adding ads

Yes, I was designing my little office and setting up my writing space because HOUSTON, it's about to go down! With this whole COPPA situation on YouTube, I have focused more on writing and less on making videos. I will still make videos but not as often as I want to. I need to dedicate more time to the areas that bring in money for me. My blogs. If I was making money on YouTube, sure. I will be there pushing contents like I am making millions. Unfortunately, the whole new COPPA Act is making it harder for smaller channels to taste YouTube success. 

I don't have time to feel sad. I have other things that I can do that is already bringing in the income. Writing! Why bother with anything else when there is never any regulation in writing. I hate regulations. Plus, I was really enjoying myself writing up the contents I created today. After this update, I might go back to complete more articles.

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Producing Contents

Producing content has never been an issue for me, but there is a line I draw about topics that hits my email or even requested by others I do not care to get involved in. Just let me write what I love and bring on a clean conversation that will not result in intense hate and violence.

I am still working on a few novels that are publishing soon. It is sad that I am ending this book because I worked very hard on these characters and I know it is time to bring them to life so I can share them with the world. It is a bittersweet moment.

Besides that, I am spending more holiday time getting reacquainted with some good films and writing some more. Until then, thanks for stopping by.



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