Why Do Cats Love Laptops?

Cats are funny. There are so many toys available for them to play with. Weird enough, they love playing with things that do not belong to them. One object that most pet owners fight with their cats the most is a laptop.

Laptops and Cats

I used to think my cats were the only ones who enjoy walking pass the keyboards while I am trying to get some work done. My old Siamese cat, the strings I drag in front of her was not amusing. The thing that caught her attention the most is my fingers tapping against the keyboard. The minute she hears it, she is on the prowl to create typos and will not stop even if I push her away.

I thought she was a tech cat. Should I buy her an iPad? 

I did. Unfortunately, the iPad was not amusing. Again, she chases my fingers while I type and peeling off buttons as she goes.

I found a cute little article written about this. Read it here: 

Why Do Cats Like Laptop So Much?

The points presented in this article are relatable. It stated that the laptop is a warm place to walk on but that did not cover the interest my cat had for chasing my fingers. It also mentioned the cat being territorial. I am sure that might be the answer but that would be hilarious if she believes the laptop was all hers. I am wondering if she has been sneaking online while I went to work. She was probably trying to hide the fact that she was watching kitty porn lol.

All the points listed made sense to a point but I am sure she was just trying to get my attention. The sound of typing trigger playtime. I’m not sure how she picked that up if I never played with her on the laptop but she’s a cat. She probably created her own trigger noise. I mean, they are smart and we should never underestimate what they can do.

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