My Experience with Dog-Like Cat Breeds

I am sure most of my YouTube subscribers are familiar with my love for animals and all the little rug rats that I had in my life. Since I am sharing this video of Lester thinking he’s a dog, let’s talk about dog-like cats. Yes! They exist.

Through my experience with different breeds of cats, the Maine Coone and the Siberian Cat breed is the most cat-like. Everything about them spells out royalty, diva, and very entitled. Well, that’s the stereotype so I am going with that. 

Now with dogs. They are needy, protective, and playful. Most kittens will fall into this category but what about when they get older?

From my personal experience, the Abyssinian is the top breed with dog-like tendencies. They never really grow up. There are several breeds that have originated from the Abyssinian but with so many mixtures in their bloodline, the dog-like personalities will fade a bit.

I like this list Bustle compiled:

11 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs, Even Though They Are Cats

Although I agree with the list, I still believe the Maine Coone is less dog-like than the other breeds listed. This breed made the list because they need plenty of grooming, which doesn’t really explain dog-like behavior. So what exactly is a dog-like behavior?

  • Playfulness
  • Social
  • Trainable
  • Protective
  • Enjoys playing with toys

These are traits that make a dog healthy. Yes, Abyssinians can go out for walks with a leash on. They need constant activity to unleash all of their energy. These are the cat that is not good for someone who does not want constant activities keeping them awake throughout the night. I have never met an Abyssinian that will not puncture holes in the wall by slamming against it at full speed.

Now the video that I am sharing is not of an Abyssinian. Lester is a Siamese and Bombay mix. I brought him and his sister, Raccoon home when they were 6 weeks old. Lester shows signs of being a Bombay while his sister is the definition of a talkative Siamese breed.

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