My Personal Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is important. When you find time alone, get to know yourself. Go over all the things you are interested in and what makes you happy. During this COVID-19 quarantine, it is the best time to start this exercise. Someone approached me with this question because I mentioned that I want my YouTube channel to grow and become successful. This person asked me what my passion was? It brought me here.

What is my Passion?

After a whole year of playing with different niches and random uploads, I have enough data to understand what I am genuinely passionate about. April 2020 Analytic

I made a lot of random vlog with jabs at the Typology theories but typology was the main search result bringing people to my community. My videos on Myers-Briggs was viewed to the end, therefore, I can say that it is a hit for my channel.

But is it my passion?


I am passionate about helping people understand themselves. I want to get people to be innovative. It is in the same bracket of interest, so I will up the ante and start making more videos to help people think logically. I know I don’t have the medical credential to help people figure things out but a high-end medical degree should not measure common sense. These are things that we should incline people to use since they were children.

It makes me happy to hear that someone is excited to learn something new about themselves. It makes me happy to hear that someone accomplish something because they push themselves to the limit. My passion is finding and passing on happiness. It amazes me when people can live years in bitterness and despair. I wonder if that makes them happy? I will research on that question because I am curious.

How can anyone wake up everyday just feeling shitty? Then knowing how miserable they are, they don’t care if it becomes contagious. How will we ever know? How about you? What is your passion? If you are unsure, list three things you know you are great at in the comments below. Then head on over to my YouTube and subscribe for updates on the next episode.

Thanks for stopping by!